Comfort Reimagined: Lennox Air Conditioners

Comfort is serious business in Southeast Ontario, but reaching the next level of comfort doesn’t have to be. We know that your desires are yours alone, which is why we offer such a large assortment of air conditioners at different price points. We want your comfort to go beyond your home and extend to your wallet as well.

Cronin-Verheul Heating & A/C Ltd is dedicated to improving your home’s comfort with air conditioners from all efficiency levels. Given that flexibility, we’re sure you will discover the ideal Lennox model for your comfort and efficiency needs, while making your home the one that everybody is talking about.

Sure, we talk a lot about our energy efficiency levels, and while they are impressive, they’re not the only thing that sets Lennox apart from our competition. Take a few moments and learn more about the three tiers of air conditioners that Cronin-Verheul Heating & A/C Ltd offers and find out more about the first-rate performance that comes with every Lennox air conditioner.

Not necessarily searching for a new air conditioner? Cronin-Verheul Heating & A/C Ltd also has some of the best air conditioner repair and routine maintenance services in Waterloo. Whether it’s taking care of your current system or a full-fledged air conditioner replacement, we can do it. Basically, if you need anything done to your Lennox system (or any other brand), Cronin-Verheul Heating & A/C Ltd has the know-how, so whenever you have any questions or just want to talk about your options, give us a call at 519-664-0600 or make an appointment online with our handy online scheduler.