Our ENERGY STAR®-Qualified Products: Good for You and Good for the Environment

Energy StarYou want an energy efficient product that lowers your energy bills. The government wants homeowners to cut back their dependence on fossil fuels. Dealers like us at Cronin-Verheul Heating & A/C Ltd and Lennox® want to save energy while creating efficient products. Many goals fused together to create the ENERGY STAR® program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

When you find the blue ENERGY STAR label, you can be sure these products have met EPA guidelines for energy efficiency. So when you put them to work in your home, they’ll use less energy than older or competing models, which can save you money on utility costs.

At Cronin-Verheul Heating & A/C Ltd in Waterloo, we strongly recommend our ENERGY STAR-qualified products. In fact, many Lennox® products, from furnaces to air conditioners, have earned this certification. You can find our ENERGY STAR-qualified units in the following product categories:

It feels nice to go green. Find out more about the ENERGY STAR label and requirements at www.energystar.gov. Call Cronin-Verheul Heating & A/C Ltd in Waterloo at 519-664-0600 or create an appointment online to learn about adding one of our ENERGY STAR-qualified products to your home.